Popeye - 7/15/83

The last of the launch titles. This one surprised me quite a bit! I didn't really expect to enjoy a Popeye game. This game features Olive Oyl tossing out hearts, notes, or letters of the word 'help' to our daring hero. After a solid rendition of the theme song, Popeye is left to run around and catch the thrown items. If they are not caught, they land in the water, where they must be picked up before they sink. To start with, the only enemy is Bluto, but later birds and skulls are your adversaries as well. Bluto has a surprising number of moves, from chasing you, to punching the level above, leaping down to the level below (complete with a ground shake). He also tosses bottles at you if you stay at the same height with him for too long. Great fun for a game that initially seems like nothing special. Give it a chance and it will pull you in.


Anonymous dragontrainer said...

This one is really worth a try. It's a reminder that simplicity doesn't have to mean a game is bad. I can't stand a lot of the newer games today because they focus so much on graphics and music and not on playing the game. Popeye was straightforward, but addictive, and Bluto made you really want to beat him, especially with his earthquake stomps. Certainly worth playing!

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