Mario Bros. - 9/9/83

I have always loved this game. The music, the simultaneous 2 player action, the danger of the fireballs, the fun of hitting the POW block, everything about this game is enjoyable. Although the animation and graphics have been toned down, this classic translates extremely well to the NES (or Famicom as the case may be). The only real problem with this game is the flicker that rears its ugly head throughout nearly the whole game. As you can see in the screenshot, part of the Fighterfly and part of the Sidestepper are missing. While far from a game breaker, it is certainly a noticable part of the game. I guess that's the price that had to be paid for the multiple large enemies on the screen. This game is just as fun and as challenging as when I played it the first time on my lucky friend's NES. (Lucky because he had the NES, not because he was my friend) Highly recommended.


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