Baseball - 12/7/83

Old sports games fall into two categories. The first is that of the classic - that game that even for all of its shortcomings and omissions is just plain fun. Even though it doesn't have the graphics or the features, it's still as fun (or often times more fun) than the current offerings. Tecmo Bowl is one that comes to mind that falls into that category for a lot of people. The other category are those whose shortcomings fail to endear, and instead grate. Baseball is one of those games. The fact that the infielders are not under your control (and they move soooo s-l-o-w-l-y) is one strike, the simplicity of the pitcher/batter interface, and the general slow pace of play are three strikes against this game. There may be some fun to be had in the two player mode - but surely there are many other games that would be more fun. Not recommended.


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