Donkey Kong Jr. no Sansuu Asobi - 12/12/83

Donkey Kong Jr.'s Arithmetic Playing! There are 3 exciting modes here, Calculate A has Donkey Kong holding up a sign with a number on it - your task (and the task of your hapless friend who you got to play the game with you) is to grab numbers off of the vine and combine them with the arithmetic operators on the islands to add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way to the target number. And that's it. Calculate B throws absolutely no wrenches into the mix, it just makes the target numbers larger. Lastly, the aptly named +-X/ Exercise lets you get math practice by solving problems presented above a set of vines. The height that you climb on the vines before moving to the next one determines which number you want for your answer. That's all there is here. Much like most edutainment games, there's a lot more 'edu' than 'tainment'. Any child old enough to do the math necessary to play this game is smart enough to know that there are better games that they could be playing. Not recommended.


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