Tennis - 1/14/84

Another very creatively named game from Nintendo. ("Hmm...we're making a game that is a simulation of Tennis. What should we call it?" "How about...umm...Tennis, boss?" "Brilliant! Give him a raise!") This game offers two different game modes, singles and doubles. In each mode you are given five skill choices 1-5, which range from the-cpu-can't-hit to the-cpu-can't-miss. The doubles mode actually allows you and a friend to play on the same team. The game follows all the rules of tennis faithfully. All of the matches are played to the best of three sets. One difficulty I had in playing this game was the way you have to stop running before you hit the ball. Modern tennis games tend to stop your character when you hit the button to swing, while this doesn't. This can certainly lead to difficulty. Also, your character doesn't really try for the ball that hard. He won't dive, he won't scoop for a low ball, jump for a high ball, nothing. If the ball is on his side, at the proper height, he will hit it. Otherwise, it's just too much trouble. One other issue with the game is the sound. The sound effects would be better left out. The cartoony slide whistle like effect of the ball going up in the air and the high pitched sound of the ball hitting the racquet are distracting to say the best. With so many other more modern games available that play the exact same sport, it is hard to recommend this game. There is little charm to be had here, other than the doubles option to play on a team with a friend. Not recommended.


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