Pinball - 2/2/84

I love pinball games. There's something magical about their simplicity - the battle against gravity. I also love real pinball, but the abstraction of it can supply some entertainment as well. Pinball has a lot of great features, especially for such an early game. The standard two difficulty levels return again, game A and game B. In game B everything moves more quickly and is generally more difficult to keep in play. The table is two screens tall, the lower screen features the standard side drains and triangle bumpers, as well as cards to flip over and little ducks to hatch. The top table has the ever popular slot machine, and a progressive bumper. An extra ball is awarded at 50,000 points, and in a evil twist, your flippers disappear at 100,000! This game is great fun if you enjoy pinball, even though there are more complex pinball games out there, this one is still a ton of fun, with plenty of targets to keep things interesting. The additional difficulty level goes a long way towards keeping it fresh too. Recommended.


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