Duck Hunt - 4/21/84

Duck Hunt features the most evil, horrible enemy ever put in a videogame. He's completely invincible, although that doesn't stop players from pumping countless shots into him. He even has the gall to laugh at you, just when you're at your worst. This horrible foe is the stupid dog...sure he acts like he's your friend, scaring out the ducks for you, but what a jerk! Game A offers, as the title screen says, 1 duck for you to shoot at a time. In a nice twist, if you have a second controller plugged in, someone else can control the duck while you try and shoot at it. (There is no control option for the dog.) Game B has two ducks at the same time. In each round you must hit a certain number of ducks out of ten to move on - this increases as the level increases until it reaches ten out of ten. The ducks move quicker as well. Game C is Clay Shooting, which has the same style of play, with the same level progression. The difference is, of course, the clay pigeons for targets instead of ducks. They fly off into the distance, making quick shots essential. Duck Hunt is a classic light gun game. Although, had it not been a pack in game with my NES, I doubt it would have been in my home. It served as a great break after losing all of my lives in Super Mario Bros. Recommended.


Anonymous dragontrainer said...

I have very fond memories of Duck Hunt and the hours we would play it. I have to disagree about the dog being the most horrible, evil enemy ever put into a videogame though. He was bad, very very bad, but I still hold more disdain for Navi from Ocarina of Time. Someone will someday make one of those fighting games (maybe a Super Smash Brothers type) where you can unlock all the obnoxious characters from Nintendo's past and beat them mercilessly...

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