Wild Gunman - 2/18/84

Amazing graphics and character animation! Where's the game? Most Zapper games are gimmicky at best - but this one completely left out the gameplay. Game A offers one outlaw who saunters out to the center of the screen. In true Wild West style, you wait for him to draw, then shoot. If you shot him before the timer ran out, move on to the next bandit who does the same thing with a shorter timer, otherwise, lose a life. Game B offers two bandits, who walk to their designated spots before turning and attacking. Thrilling. Game C shows the bandits' hideout, where they pop out and you shoot them. Sort of a light gun whack-a-mole game. There is almost no reason to play this game unless you've really got a soft spot for light gun games. The characters are impressive though, too bad there's not much to do with them. Not recommended.


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