Donkey Kong 3 - 7/4/84

Donkey Kong 3 is a fairly radical departure from the previous two games. This game actually plays much more like a shooter than a Donkey Kong. Enemies include small flies which try to fly into you and steal your bonus-point-giving flowers, large flies which explode in to deadly bits after being shot with your bug spray, worms which can only be killed by the super bug spray, and hornets which charge at your exterminator. The object is to shoot Donkey Kong up to the top of the vines which he is hanging from. Of course, you must avoid all the other enemies while doing so. On higher levels, Donkey Kong will throw coconuts at you as well. This game starts out frantic, and only gets crazier as the levels go by. This is a solid game with only one minor irritation - there is not a jump button. Instead, pushing up on the control pad makes you jump. This can lead to moving and jumping being a little more difficult to control than if there were a separate button. Overall, this is a lot of fun, even if it doesn't have much to do with Donkey Kong. Recommended.


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