Hogan's Alley - 6/12/84

Hogan's Alley is a game that acts like a police training simulation. Your targets are not real villains, but stand-up targets that look like gangsters or innocent people. The challenge is to shoot the bad guys, and to, well, not shoot the good guys. In Game A, three targets are wheeled out in a line, and are then flipped so you can see them. You then have a second or two to shoot the proper targets. Not hitting a bad guy or hitting a good guy counts as a miss. Game B (pictured) is similar, but targets slide in and out of the open areas in the town. Game C offers the opportunity to finally shoot at virtual cans. Yes, the target in Game C is cans, tossed in to the screen, which the player must keep in the air by shooting them. There are ledges on the opposite side of the screen with different numbers of points on them. Points are earned by making the cans land on the ledges. Dropping a can causes a miss. This is an okay light gun game. It does introduce the new skill of determining which targets to shoot at, something which Wild Gunman and Duck Hunt do not offer. Recommended.


Anonymous dragontrainer said...

I have a vague recollection of growing up wondering why there were always so many reports of crime. It baffled me how police couldn't pick the bad guys out from the good guys easily. I also figured the "perfect crime" would be to dress up like a "good guy" and you could get away with anything. Perhaps there is something to the comments about the effect videogames have on kids... or maybe I was just dumb.

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