Galaxian - 9/7/84

Galaga is one of my favorite games of all time. Seeing the machine (or the re-issue with Ms. Pac-Man) practically causes the change to leap out of my pocket. Galaxian is Galaga's predecessor, but doesn't quite have the same magic. Note the release date above. 1984. This game hit the arcade in 1979. I might add that Galaga hit the arcade in 1981. This game, and even Galaga, were old hat by the time this hit the Famicom. This game features the standard field of aliens at the top, your ship at the bottom, and not much else. Unlike Space Invaders, there are no shields to hide behind. Also, the aliens try and dive bomb you, while shooting. Unlike Galaga, there is no double ship, which is one of the best parts of Galaga. What's wrong with this game? Nothing outstanding really. You do only get one shot on the screen at a time, and they travel a little slowly. Really the big problem is that there just isn't much here to do. Galaga has the ramp in difficulty, the fun of the challenge stages, and the risk of getting the double ship. Space Invaders has the ever increasing speed, and the invaders that start lower and lower on the screen. Galaxian has levels that prety much seem the same. Even in 1984, there were better shooters to play. Should you play it now? Not recommended.


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