Nuts & Milk - 7/28/84

Um...ok. This game's name is, well, Nuts & Milk. Why? I don't really know. It's a bad enough title that you'd expect that it was just a bad translation by someone - but it's an English title screen. This game is also notable for another reason. This is the first third-party game released for the Famicom. It's unfortunate that it's not the first third-party game that's actually any good. You play as the little pink blob (whose name for some reason is Milk). Your goal is to collect all of the fruit and then go to the house where another one of you is waiting. Milk can climb the vine-ladder things and jump. Your enemy: the little blue blob(s) that chase after you. The major problem I had with this game is that Milk cannot jump while on the vines. This includes walking across the top of them. That's right - in the screenshot that accompanies this review, Milk would not be able to jump. There is a nice animation that happens if Milk falls too far that makes him/her fall to his/her side and shake the ground with the landing. It requires a press of the jump button to get moving again. There are countless games of the avoid the baddies, collect the stuff variety, and practically all of them are better than this. Not recommended.


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